James R. Harris - Wildlife Photography
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Books by James R. Harris

Rural Acreage: Finding the Right Place

Rural Acreage: Finding the Right Place

If you are considering the purchase of a rural acreage, regardless of size, Rural Acreage: Finding the Right Place is written for you. At a cost of $19.95 plus S & H for a total of $25.00, it could save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid costly mistakes in purchasing and/or developing that parcel.

Subjects like “What really happens in a real estate transaction”, “Where to buy”, “Water and water systems”, “on site sewerage disposal”, “developing access and the homesite on raw land” and “resale” are explained in simple, easy to read and understand terms.

The book includes lists of questions to ask when purchasing and worksheets to make sure you do everything right.

This could be the best $25.00 you'll spend this year.

Being Wild

Being Wild

Celebrate the breathtaking beauty of nature as realist and naturalist James Harris invites you to his paradise with Being Wild. Harris’s acreage was a sorely abused property before he purchased it, but with his decades of hard work, the land once stricken by disaster has amazingly transformed into a viable sanctuary for native wildlife.  With its overlapping ecological niches showcasing the myriad of organisms that now reside there.

Readers will experience the excitement, humor and dedication it has taken to revitalize this parcel of land from junk property to a wildlife paradise.  They will learn about the food cycle and food chains from a different perspective — the wildlife’s perspective. Let this book of Nature take you to a world you have not seen before. 

Black Tailed Deer of the Great Northwest

Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest

Author-photographer James R. Harris brings both his passion for wildlife photography and reverence for the Columbian Black-tailed Deer to the table as he displays a breathtaking photograph collection of this wily breed of deer in their natural habitat. His images and text will enlighten the reader on the captivating Odocoileus hemionus columbianus in his picture book, Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest.

The collection portrays the black-tail at their various stages of life, from fragile white-spotted fawn, to bonding between doe and fawn, to bucks pursuing does in the fall rutting season, to dealing with the first snowfall of the year. Under Harris’ watchful, cleverly hidden lens, his images capture the deer behaving naturally, without knowledge of his presence, which is not an easy task.