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Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest by James R. Harris

Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest

Unanimously considered by hunters and photographers as the most elusive and alert species of American deer, its acutely sensitive hearing and sense of smell enable the Columbian Black-tailed Deer to flee with most intruders still 500 yards away. Getting close to the wary creatures, Harris discloses, requires a sniper’s array of skills and attitudes: “Dedication [to photograph the deer] manifests itself in serious sniper qualities such as patience, perfectionism, maintaining a constant state of unmoving readiness and alas, more patience.” While he keeps the specifics of his techniques in photographing the always nervous mature bucks under wraps, he does disclose that paying attention to the does — their body language and what the hear, smell and see — can give both hunter and photographer a serious advantage in spotting the big boys.

Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest provides a rare glimpse into the obscure world of the black-tail, their remarkable attributes, and their unique behavior. This book offers the reader, whether a hunter or a wildlife enthusiast, the opportunity to better understand Black-tailed Deer. For more information, log on to www.Xlibris.com.

About the Author

Passion is defined as an intense driving or conviction. These words best describe James Harris's attitude about capturing images of Black-tailed Deer.

During November you won’t find him at home, because he’s in the woods. You can’t find him there either. You’d probably have to step on him to discover his location — buried in a brush pile beside a well-used deer trail or hiding motionlessly behind his tripod in the edge of a thick stand of brush watching down a steep slope.

He seems impervious to cold, rain or snow, but says he’s not. “I get awfully cold sometimes; and when it rains hard it becomes all about protecting the Nikon from the elements and still getting the shot. The chances of me being detected reduce as the weather worsens.”

Big Black-tailed bucks are nocturnal, so Harris is not shy about being out all night locating and following big bucks to determine where they will be at first light. He will not divulge how he accomplishes this. “You must melt into their habitat. Even with that, the big ones are so nervous and wary that getting close with the camera, and enough light, is a tremendous challenge. It’s usually a matter of figuring out an individual's habits and then setting up so you are already there when he beds down just before dawn. And the one thing you can depend on is that you cannot depend on wildlife to do what you think or hope they will do.”

Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest * by James R. Harris
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Picture Book, Softcover; $41.99; 84 pages; 978-1-4415-0419-7
Picture Book, Hardcover; $51.99; 84 pages; 978-1-4415-0420-3

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